Why Choose Us?

Hi! so mainly we see our vision to provide gold piercings as a small investment. So people can acquire 14k gold, in small amounts, such as the gold piercing hooks or pins, to an accessible, reasonable  price, always making a profit, and also for disadvantage people, that can't regularly buy 14k gold pieces, due to the inflation and currently high value market prices for gold. 

Gold is a commodity from the ancient times,  that has value that you can hold, resell or pawn in desperate times when cash flow is not available.  I created this e-commerce business, because I personally have had that situation sometime in life, and holding gold , put my hopes to believe that my finances will improve over time.

About Us

Olga D.

Sales Manager

                                        "It all started when I went to have my nose pierced....."                                   

                                          We are a small jewelry shop, located in Florida. 



18441 NE 19th Ct

North Miami Beach FL 33179