Why Choose Us?

Our vision is to provide 14k gold piercings to people to hold as a small investment. So people can acquire 14k gold, in small amounts, such as the gold piercing hooks or pins, to an accessible, reasonable  price, always making a profit, and also for disadvantage people, that can't regularly buy 14k gold pieces, due to the inflation and currently high value market prices for gold. 

Gold is a commodity from the ancient times,  that has a value that you can hold, resell or pawn in desperate times when cash flow is not available.  I created this e-commerce business, because I personally have had that situation sometime in life, and holding gold , put my hopes to believe that my finances will improve over time.

About Us

Olga D.

Sales Manager

                                  Due to the nature of business and since we mainly provide small 14k gold pieces at a reasonable price, at the moment we don't accept returns, exchanges or refunds.  

  We do apologized for the Inconvenience.                            

                                        We are a small jewelry shop, located in Florida. 



18441 NE 19th Ct

North Miami Beach FL 33179